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Optimizing your WFM process starts with having qualified WFM professionals. CCmath offers a complete curriculum with Forecasting, Capacity Management, and Realtime Management training, at basic and advanced levels.

Are you responsible for agent scheduling, capacity management, or forecasting in your contact center? Would you like to have more control over every aspect of the WFM cycle? Please contact us to find out how we can help you and your organization.

Basic Training

You are a WFM professional, and you want to understand and be able to explain WFM processes. Whether you want to learn about Erlang, the connections between the various parts of the WFM cycle or understand forecast accuracy, in our three-day basic training, you will discover it all – and more.

Advanced Training

You are an experienced scheduler, forecaster, capacity manager, or WFM consultant, and you are ready for the next level. Use scientific methods to overcome WFM challenges, increase your knowledge, and add value to your organization. CCmath’s software, engines, and research are the foundation of WFM innovation worldwide. Why not learn from the best?

"Following the Advanced Forecasting Training was an enlightening experience. The lecturers are very experienced, and the quality of training materials was superb. As an advanced beginner, the training gave me clear insights into the theoretical approach of forecasting, which made the five-day training worthwhile. "
Photo Michel Broers Webhelp
Michel Broers
WFM Capacity Manager at Webhelp

Do you prefer eLearning?

Go to WFM-Academy, our eLearning platform. Here you can take courses and training whenever you want, at your own pace.

Follow a full-scale training such as the comprehensive Forecasting program, or try a single course like Multi-Skill Systems or Call Arrival Processes. Through quizzes and assignments, you will be challenged throughout your training, which will be assessed by Siqiao Li PhD.