OmniSim is the only off-the-shelf Pool Management calculator on the market. It effortlessly analyzes your workload and suggests the perfect team composition and size.

OmniSim takes a large number of variables into account: service level, opening hours, current and future contract sizes, skills settings, costs per employee, routing options, inbound/outbound, mail, chat, social, current pool composition, allowed shifts, and many more!

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Determine your required staffing based on a pre-defined set of business rules, forecasts, routing rules, service levels and skillsets.


OmniSim makes crystal clear which combinations of shifts and shift-length achieve the highest efficiency. And which skill groups and combinations are required for the best service levels.


OmniSim provides quick insights when making budget calculations for a new project or changing the IVR. By illustrating how many agents you need with which type and size of contract you gain insight into the required employee and organization flexibility.

With OmniSim you finally have the tool you need to adjust and intervene with the right precision.

"OmniSim has become an important tool for us which we use regularly. It provides us with precise results of project sizing and the expected performance like service level, abandonment, and occupancy. Therefore, we have more accurate calculations while spending less time on them."
Photo Bané Jankovic Bluelink
Bané Jankovic
Sizing and Planning method Manager at BlueLink group