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Erlang Calculator for Python / R

The Erlang Calculator provides the full suite of custom features for contact centers, including Erlang X, Chat, Blending, and more! Harness the power of Erlang, seamlessly integrated with Python and R programming languages.

Calculate capacity with this most efficient, powerful, and versatile tool, unmatched in the market. Improve accuracy, optimise your workflow, and save resources based on forecasting.

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Includes functions for:
  • Erlang X 
  • Erlang Chat
  • Blending 
  • Erlang C

With parameters such as Occupancy, Service Level, ASA, Abandonment, Patience, Redials, Concurrency, AHT, and Forecast.

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Accessing and Utilizing Package
  1. Apply for an ID via support@ccmath.com.
  2. Install the package using the appropriate commands found in our Help Center.
  3. Import the package into your code/script.
  4. Authenticate using your user ID.
  5. Once authenticated, your user ID will be associated with your external IP address, granting full access to all package functions on your computer.
  6. If you connect from a different IP address, reauthentication is required. Note that there is a limit on the number of IP addresses associated with your user ID.
  7. For more detailed information, consult the package’s documentation or refer to the Erlang Knowledge Base.


Maximum of 10K calls per month
3 different IP addresses


Maximum of 1M calls per month
30 different IP addresses

Additional services such as on-premise installation or an additional number of calls are available on request

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Start your free Python / R trial by requesting your user ID via support@ccmath.com.

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Before starting, it is wise to understand Erlang thoroughly and know how to use it correctly. Therefore, we recommend you read our blog on Erlang97 and watch our webinars on Erlang and Capacity calculations, Erlang C, and Chat Capacity Calculations. These will familiarize you with Erlang’s formulas, parameters, limitations, and practical application as a workforce management professional in any contact center.