Erlang Calculator for Excel

The Erlang Calculator provides the full suite of custom functions for contact centers, including Erlang X, Chat, Blending, and more!

Calculate capacity using this most efficient, powerful, and versatile tool, which is unmatched in the market. Improve accuracy, optimize your workflow and save resources based on the forecast.

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Includes functions for:
  • Erlang X 
  • Erlang Chat
  • Blending 
  • Erlang C

With parameters such as Occupancy, Service Level, ASA, Abandonment, Patience, Redials, Concurrency, AHT, and Forecast

Screenshot add-in Erlang blending function
Erlang C and X calculator Excel
Additional Information

Before installing this add-in, make sure you have a Microsoft 365 license with at least the following versions:

  • Windows: 16.0.12527 or up
  • Mac: 16.34 or up
  • Web: May 2019 or up

Note that some companies restrict the use of add-ins. Please get in touch with your administrator or use a different Microsoft 365 account to install the add-in.

If you want to learn more about the Erlang Calculator for Excel or experience troubles as a user, please read our Manual or FAQ.



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