Erlang X Savings Calculator

Erlang X savings compared to Erlang C

Discover the power of Erlang X by directly computing your savings with our Savings calculator. Learn how it surpasses Erlang C by accounting for abandonments and redials, enabling more precise predictions and substantial savings. Fill in the key figures for your inbound contact center to discover the optimal trade-off between occupancy and service level.

Avoid overstaffing and maintain your service level. Calculate your savings below!

Note that each time you make changes to the inputs, you must recalculate the output.

Erlang X savings compared to Erlang C

Compute your savings when moving from Erlang C to Erlang X, the more accurate way to compute inbound agent staffing. Just fill in the key figures of your inbound contact center and avoid overstaffing.

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AHT on a callseconds
Number of opening hoursper week
Costs€ per agent per year
Number of contact centers
Maximum occupancy%
Required service level%
Time to answerseconds
Savingsper year


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