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Workforce Management Scheduling Software for Contact Centers

CCschedule is the first truly next-generation WFM schedule software. It has enough power and speed to multiply the productivity and effectiveness of any WFM team.

No matter how many agents and channels, CCschedule can schedule your workforce fast and comply with all your business rules. All are based on a high degree of automation and AI use.

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Automated Precise User-friendly

Simple, Clear, and Intuitive

No week is the same, so you need an easy way to adjust settings for optimal scheduling by adjusting the focus of certain queues, changing the distribution of homework, and service level priority or backlog development.

Scheduling becomes an absolute pleasure, and it has never been easier to consider all the variables you deem necessary. You can also easily edit, copy or drag changes in the schedule when making changes. CCschedule saves your planning time while increasing the quality of the output.

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Generate Optimized Schedules Quickly

Get efficient schedules at unprecedented speed using the NoSim algorithm. CCschedule brings unmatched power and speed to the schedule optimization task, whether for single-skill, multi-skill, multi-channel, or event-driven activities.

What’s more, CCschedule accepts demand input from any variety of sources, which makes it compatible with all users and with every WFM integration.

Agent-side Interface

The demands placed on agents today differ significantly from those in the past. We have never seen so many different generations in a workforce. This requires us to adapt to preferences, hard unavailabilities and even requires self-scheduling.

With CCschedule, agents can always view their schedule, and depending on the permissions set; agents can request time off, block days, rotate shifts, or even assign themselves to certain shifts or workloads.

Every operation is processed in real-time, so everyone involved knows precisely what the other planners are doing, and agents can see that their requests are being picked up or dealt with. And this can be done on your workstation or mobile device on Android or IOS.

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CCagent app
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What to expect?

We do not just sell software; we work together. This means that we ensure that the software provides maximum added value. We will help you navigate the changes that the switch to CCschedule entails. Our support system is not only technical and functional, but it also comes with advice.

In this way, we believe that we can truly be a partner.

"CCschedule has made creating a schedule a lot easier for our department. Since it is data-driven, customizable, easy to adapt, and user-friendly for planners and agents."
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Julie Backx
Workforce Management Specialist at Bol.com


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