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CCforecast greatly reduces the number of hours spent forecasting while outperforming the most highly skilled manual forecaster in seconds rather than hours. We automate your processes using advanced AI so you can focus on gathering more information, creating scenarios, and sharing your analyses with your stakeholders.

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Accurate Fast Limitless

Quick and Unbeatable Forecasts

Make extremely accurate forecasts with the click of a button and get clear insights within seconds thanks to our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based forecast engines.

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CCforecast Repeat Calls
Understand your Repeat Calls and Campaigns

Get comprehensive insights into repeat calls and fresh volume through our fully automated repeat calling detector. Enjoy unmatched event management (e.g. marketing campaigns) with automatic historical impact detection and extrapolation to future effects.

Robust Intraday Patterns

CCmath developed the Spline algorithm to forecast intraday patterns, in which both preceding and trailing time slots are considered. Our algorithm only requires a limited amount of input to calculate reliable and robust patterns.

CCforecast Intra day patterns
CCforecast compare forecasts
Compare and Analyze What-if scenarios

CCforecast gives you access to multiple forecasting algorithms and dozens of settings that can easily be created, saved, and compared using the snapshot feature. This will help you compare and analyze an unlimited number of scenarios at once.

One Button Forecast

• Scalable from operational
to tactical to strategic

• Advanced error reduction
Fully operational within weeks rather than months
• Find and smoothen
outliers automatically

• Academic knowledge

at your fingertips

• Vendor distribution of

your forecast


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