About CCMath

You want to deploy your employees as smartly as possible. So that customers who call, e-mail, chat or tweet are satisfied with your contact center. At the lowest possible costs. But that doesn’t always work. Or insufficiently. These are problems that are recognizable for many contact center professionals. Making accurate forecasts is also complex. And happens too often in complex Excel sheets. Efficient scheduling is also top sport.

Your challenges:

  • Low forecast accuracy:
    You make every effort to get a grip on the accuracy of the forecast, while in reality you can only earn trust on your forecast when the accuracy is a lot better.

  • (Un) expected events:
    With so many (Marketing-) events coming to your contact center every day, it is difficult to keep an overview and to properly estimate the consequences for the required capacity.

  • Save on personnel costs:
    Your CEO wants to save on personnel costs. You see the potential, but you usually only know afterwards when you have scheduled too many or too few people.

  • Marketing budget is disappearing:
    Your marketing department has set up an action, but due to understaffing in the contact center, the telephone is not picked up in time. Your potential customers drop out.

  • Performing good analysis:
    Forecasting and scheduling employees costs you so much time that you hardly have time to make a good analysis and consult with product managers, marketeers and other stakeholders.

Mathematically substantiated models

complex matter presented in a simple way

Since 2005, CCmath has been committed to making “difficult” call center mathematics understandable. So that every WFM professional can benefit from this in every contact center. Make accurate forecasts | Manage capacity more efficient | Scheduling employees smarter. One of the founders of CCmath, Ger Koole, spends half of his time optimizing the WFM process and the other half in the scientific world. Among other things, Ger wrote the book: Call center optimization. Vision: efficient planning of employees can improve greatly if companies use advanced mathematical methods. We ensure that these methods are accessible for every WFM professional. That is why we not only develop user-friendly software, but also organize WFM trainings courses at every level.

Meet our people

They are happy to use their knowledge and skills to help you


Wout Bakker Msc.


Director of CCmath since 2015. Wout doesn’t like fiddling about unimportant matters and prefers to focus on logical connections and order. He thinks in terms of solutions, so yes, will be satisfied when his team has helped a customer to reduce the forecast error. Experience in the world of Telecom, Banking, Government as an organizational psychologist, contact center professional, WFM manager, and partner manager.


Prof. Dr. Ger Koole

Co-founder, Chief scientist en trainer

One of the proud founders of CCmath. Professor of Mathematics at the Free University in Amsterdam. Applies his knowledge of mathematics at CCmath by developing algorithms as a solid foundation under our WFM software. Gets happy with methods for making accurate forecasts and smart schedules – things that really benefit customers. Also likes to train them in the mathematical principles of WFM.

Auke Pot Ph.D.


As a co-founder, he is at the cradle of CCmath’s success. Received his doctoral degree in 2006 with a dissertation on skill-based routing in call centers – a subject that never left him. Is a specialist in the development of optimization software. At CCmath he likes to use his expertise in the field of algorithms, architecture and security. He also deals with big data issues in the field of marketing and sales.

Ronald Baars Msc.

WFM Architect

Ronald knows how to strike the right chord with our clients. Through his inspiring way of explaining, the people he works with become more than involved; Ronald takes them on a journey. With more than 20 years of WFM expertise, Ronald is one of the founders of the capacity plan that many organizations work with today. Ronald divides his time between quartering on WFM challenges and is also closely involved in the training and assessment processes for our clients.


Alex Roubos Ph.D.

Software developer

Alex has been working at CCmath as a software developer since 2012, where he is responsible for developing algorithms for forecasting, capacity calculations and scheduling. In addition, he regularly gives training courses and demos of our software to customers. He has a PhD in mathematics from VU University Amsterdam, where he researched the impatience of customers and different service levels in call centers.

Siqiao (April) Li Ph.D.

Developer en trainer

Works at CCmath since 2017. Parttime, as she is also a PhD student at both the Industrial Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Mathematics Department of the Free University of Amsterdam. Develops algorithms for CCmath and is the driving force behind the online WFM course environment for fellowships. Is passionate about translating scientific insights into advanced algorithms.


Giuseppe Catanese Msc.

Software developer

Has been working in CCmath since last 2018 with a MSc in data science. Also holding a BSc in Statistics from the University of Bologna in Italy. Giuseppe mostly works on forecasting algorithms, training and customer support. “In CCmath I found a vibrant place with a great mixture of different passions and cultures. It is a very challenging job that satisfies my passion for statistics and allows me to learn from the smartest people I have ever met in my life. Here everyone’s opinion is fundamental, and none is never excluded in the decision process. The atmosphere is very friendly, and all members are highly motivated. I love to find a creative solution for optimizing call center processes. A smart and unconventional solution excites me the most!” Delivering the best predictions is Giuseppe’s mission! His colleagues find him fun, creative, trustful and a hard worker.


Katerina Tziala Msc.

Front-end software developer

Has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Mobile and Web Computing. Likes to delve deep into complex problems. Always keeps the end user in mind and is therefore strongly committed to user-friendly software.


Wouter Beima

Trainee software engineer

As an IT student at CCmath, you gain a lot of valuable work experience. Is involved in developing the OERapp. Is happy to think along with you about complex issues and then actually get to work on them. Is completely absorbed in fixing bugs or developing new functionalities.